Services that assist a person to plan for, find and move to a home in the community.
Services include:

  • Developing a housing transition plan*
  • Supporting the person in applying for benefits to afford their housing, including helping the person determine which benefits they may be eligible for*
  • Assisting the person with the housing search and application process*
  • Assisting the person with tenant screening and housing assessments*
  • Providing transportation with the person receiving services present and discussing housing related issues
  • Helping the person understand and develop a budget
  • Helping the person understand and negotiate a lease
  • Helping the person meet and build a relationship with a prospective landlord
  • Promoting/supporting cultural practice needs and understandings with prospective landlords, property managers*
  • Helping the person find funding for deposits*
  • Helping the person organize their move*
  • Researching possible housing options for the person*
  • Contacting possible housing options for the person*
  • Identifying resources to pay for deposits or home goods *
  • Identifying resources to cover moving expenses*
  • Completing housing applications on behalf of the service recipient*
  • Working to expunge records or access reasonable accommodations*
  • Identifying services and benefits that will support the person with housing instability
  • Ensuring the new living arrangement is safe for the person and ready for move-in*
  • Arranging for adaptive house related accommodations required by the person*
  • Arranging for assistive technology required by the person*

Activities with an asterisk (*) can be provided directly (in person) or indirectly on behalf of the person. The expectation is that services are primarily provided as a direct service.