Services that supports a person to maintain living in their home in the community. Services available:

  • Developing, updating and modifying the housing support and crisis/safety plan on a regular basis
  • Preventing and early identification of behaviors that may jeopardize continued housing
  • Educating and training on roles, rights, and responsibilities of the tenant and property manager
  • Transportation with the person receiving services present and discussing housing related issues
  • Promoting/supporting cultural practice needs and understandings with landlords, property managers and neighbors*
  • Coaching to develop and maintain key relationships with property managers and neighbors
  • Advocating with community resources to prevent eviction when housing is at risk and maintain person’s safety*
  • Assistance with the housing recertification processes*
  • Providing in-service transportation (person must be with)
  • Continued training on being a good tenant, lease compliance, and household management
  • Supporting the person to apply for benefits to retain housing*
  • Supporting the person to understand and maintain/increase income and benefits to retain housing*
  • Supporting the building of natural housing supports and resources in the community including building supports and resources related to a person’s culture and identity
  • Working with property manager or landlord to promote housing retention*
  • Arranging for assistive technology*
  • Arranging for adaptive house related accommodations.*

Activities with an asterisk (*) can be provided directly (in person) or indirectly on behalf of the person. The expectation is that services are primarily provided as a direct service.